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Who Does She Think She Is?

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I’m sorry I underestimated you because I would never want that if it were in the reverse.

I realized this week that I spend a lot of time teaching the importance of #selfadvocating

Latinx culture teaches us to be humble – which is a beautiful quality, but humble to a fault is not.

Twisting being proud and sharing our accomplishments with standing out and calling attention to ourselves is simply… outdated.

When I’m on stage I share this idea and I often I hear back…

“I get it, I need to brag more!” which tells me…

…nothing’s gonna change because why would we want to associate with something so negative like bragging?

Let me ask you, what would it be like if you allowed yourself to shine? If you stopped dulling your light in the name of humility and worrying if people are shredding us behind our backs saying.

 “Who does she think she is?”

Guess what?

Even I have gotten sucked into believing that I shouldn’t shine too bright in front of YOU believing that it’s just “not what we do.”

And I wanna be the first to say I’m sorry.

I’m sorry I underestimated you because I would never want that if it were in the reverse.

The only way we’re gonna get anywhere is if we see that it’s possible for us. We need to be an example for each other, for our families, and especially our daughters. If it can happen for one of us it can happen for ALL of us.

If you knew 100% that if you shared something you’re super proud of you’d be inspiring millions of young women to believe in themselves and that was guaranteed…. what would you share? 

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