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After going from a stay-at-home-mom to award-winning activist filmmaker, Top 100 podcaster, and to sought-after Fortune 500 speaker, Denise Soler Cox uses her experience to transform lives through storytelling.

In 2014 she Co-Founded Project Eñye a multimedia production company whose purpose is to transform how we think about culture, identity, and what it means to belong.

In September 2020 Denise was recognized as a “Featured Host” by Apple Podcast North America for her podcast “The Self-ish Latina” with listeners in 32 countries. Denise has been invited to speak on over 150 stages including two TEDx talks and has worked with some of the world’s most recognized brands like Microsoft, Facebook, LinkedIn, JP Morgan Chase, Salesforce, Procter & Gamble, Dow Jones, Eli Lilly, Starbucks, and VaynerMedia to name a few.

Renowned Harvard Professor Marshall Ganz uses Denise’s film “being eñye” as part of his Public Narrative course as an example of “The story of us.”

Her work has been published as a contributor in Huffington Post. She has been featured in Forbes as a “Trailblazing Latina” and also on CNN, CNN Money, Chicago Tribune, Fox News Latino, HOLA, ABC, CBS, and NBC. Denise has a combined audience of 97k followers across all platforms.

She is currently in production with her second feature-length documentary about secret-keeping in the Latinx community (2022) and also working on a forthcoming book about Belonging (Winter 2021).


Henry Ansbacher is a five-time Emmy Award winner and Academy Award® Nominated filmmaker. Ansbacher is known for producing films and television series that raise awareness and motivate change around a social or cultural issue. His films have been broadcast on HBO, the BBC, PBS, Discovery Channel and on leading networks around the world.

In 2000, Ansbacher founded Just Media a non-profit production company dedicated to creating media with social-justice themes. Ansbacher’s documentary credits include Chiefs (Best Documentary Award at Tribecca Film Festival), the true story of a Native American Indian high school basketball team struggling to win on the court and in life; Iron Ladies of Liberia that follows Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, behind the scenes during her inaugural year as Africa’s first freely-elected female head of state; Two Spirits, about a hate crime and the rich traditions of multi-gendered people in native tribes; They Killed Sister Dorothy (winner, Audience and Best Documentary Award at SXSW & short listed for an Academy Award®), a documentary about the murder of an environmental activist in the rainforest of Brazil; and the 2010 Oscar-nominated documentary short for HBO, The Last Campaign of Governor Booth Gardner.

Ansbacher is a hands-on creative producer that has been on the leading edge of using media to bring attention to social causes, through a new lens. His documentaries have screened at the White House (Two Spirits), and on the acclaimed PBS series, Independent Lens, sparking conversations about important issues and bringing the discussion to the mainstream. One of his most recent films, American Mustang, screened before Congress and inspired a letter writing campaign that changed the dialogue on the conservation efforts behind the majestic wild horses of the American West. Ansbacher is committed to creating engaging content that elevates the spirit and conversations around important issues and movements.

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