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Latinos: Ever Feel That Feeling That You Were Meant For More?

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This is not for you if you feel 100% happy and content with your life.⁣

However, if you’ve got a nagging feeling in your belly that’s making you feel like you are meant for more…read on!⁣

Earlier in the week, I wrote about how a lot of Latinos struggle with the desire of chasing their own dreams.⁣

A big reason for this is because for the most part the Latino culture is grounded in a collective ideology. The collective ideology puts the group (family) before the individual. ⁣

The problem many first gens slam into is… we’re metaphorically stuck between two worlds.⁣

We’re raised in families where the collective rules, but we go to school, work, and socialize in the mainstream self-reliant ideology that says there’s a different way to do things where individual needs outweigh the collective.⁣

  • Your padres would prefer you just get a “good job, with good benefits, work hard pero por favor don’t make waves. ⁣
  • And don’t stand out. ⁣
  • And do not dishonor your family who sacrificed so much for you.⁣

The self-reliant world has way more space for searching your soul, finding your passion, and doing what feels right… for YOU. Why? Because Self Reliance is rooted in the individual so of course, it would value anything that has to do with what my collective dominant friends consider “selfish.”

Here’s where it gets interesting…⁣

Our parents, (or grandparents or great grandparents) that immigrated here, left everything behind in search of something better for themselves and their families is an act of… self-reliance. They were betting on themselves and that takes some serious guts. ⁣

Let that sink in you.

You may have decided it’s “too late” to pursue your dream, or you’re worried about failing, or going after your dream feels like betraying your family.⁣

Fact is, if you decided to allow your “self-reliant seeds” to grow, you wouldn’t be betraying them, you’d be modeling them.⁣

Oh, the irony.⁣

Tell me what you think.⁣

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