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Do You Feel Safe Enough To Fly Your Freak Flag?

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Are you still pulling this crap?

Let me ask you. What would the world be like if things were up to you?

I have a couple of visions for the world…

  1. To eat without consequence like Meryl Streep in “Defending Your Life.”
  2. For everyone to feel safe enough to fly their “Freak Flag.”

I bring this up to let you know, I get you. I get why it’s so hard for you to feel like you belong and why you’ve allowed self-doubt to beat down your dreams.

✔️ You have deep-rooted limiting beliefs from your childhood that you’re not good enough because you never felt accepted.

I am convinced that…

…if you had the superpower of seeing into the future, you’d know with complete certainty you could avoid embarrassment, or that you really were good enough, you wouldn’t wait one more second to become the person you want to be.

Before I go further, let me set something straight…

When I was dreaming about becoming a filmmaker I remember feeling incredibly scared, not good enough because I didn’t have any experience (supersized with not feeling Latina-enough) and I was afraid I would disappoint my family. 

All of this made me feel very alone.

If you’ve ever felt like this, I want you to know you CAN turn things around.

Fast forward to now. My life is completely different.

I’m grateful I was able to trust that NOT being perfect was my real superpower. 🤩 And I’m proud to say our company has helped thousands of people realize the same thing.

Here’s what this is all about.

If you’re an aspiring creative or business owner who has a burning in your belly to do more with your life and you know you’ve barely scratched the surface on your potential, what I am about to share will help.

Here’s a simple powerful exercise you can do right now:

When you’re telling yourself why you can’t start (or finish) your dream project or business, write down the top 3 reasons you’re telling yourself, “I’m not good enough” then write down 3 reasons you are. 

You now have a choice to make.

Does this seem a little nuts?

Maybe. But so is being controlled by beliefs you NEVER check for accuracy. 🔑

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