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The Truth About Why You Don’t Feel Good Enough ⁣

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What happens when you’re the child or grandchild of an immigrant?

You grew up being reminded of “La lucha” or the struggle – or better yet, the sacrifices that were made so you could have the education, the opportunities, the lessons, and generally speaking, the life you currently have. 

Which means you often find yourself juggling between guilt and shame.

✔️ You never feel like you’re doing enough and/or you often feel like your falling short of honoring their sacrifice.

✔️ You feel guilty when you make a decision that appears to benefit you and only you.

✔️ You have a hard time relaxing and celebrating your wins because you have never allowed yourself to truly feel worthy – see my recent article on worthiness.

Truth is, even though you might feel on edge about some of your decisions that your family might not agree with, the best way you can honor their sacrifice is to live your life with bravery and courage and belief that you are worthy because you exist and not because you overwork and overachieve.

Worthiness is not earned. Worthiness is not achievable. Worthiness simply IS.

You are worthy simply because you are you. ♥️

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