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If You Could Say One Thing To Young You, What Would It Be?

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Given my history of losing my dad and brother at such a young age, it’s fair to say that I wondered if things in my life would work out.

There were so many times I could have used support and someone to just say “It’s gonna be ok Denise.”

In 2014 I was riddled with self-doubt mixed with an unstoppable commitment to telling a story that I believed could heal a generation.

Imposter syndrome, feeling like I was under-qualified and wondering on a daily basis if the sacrifices (💍) I made were going to be worth it distracted so many of my thoughts.

Doing this interview, our first national press interview (thank you @thelistshowtv @kristinaguerrero and Mike Dunn!) in our office in Denver was surreal.

All kinds of feelings came wooshing back into my heart and I wished I could go back in time and tell “2014 Denise”…

  1. That intuitive knowing that sometimes makes you wonder if you’re crazy… keep trusting it because you’re not.
  2. Those dreams that seem so big (almost too big to say out loud)… keep having faith, believing, and doing the next right thing.
  3. You’re here to heal. You’re here to inspire. You’re here to show that it can be done. Embrace it as your assignment.

If you could say one thing to “younger you” what would it be?

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