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#012: Inside Thoughts Outloud: Alone But Not Lonely

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“In life, you don’t know what’s going to happen. In reality, nobody really knows if the things we are planning are actually going to work. Nobody knows if we are going to be okay tomorrow. And if you just sit and ruminate over that, you’re just going to make yourself miserable. It’s better to just let go, see what happens, and focus on things you can control.” — Rita Bautista 

Welcome to our new special series called “Inside Thoughts Out Loud: Thoughts During a Pandemic!!” We are truly in a time of uncertainty. This pandemic is triggering many memories, emotions, and thoughts –– some new, but some that bring us back to a painful past. We have created this podcast series to allow you to join the conversation about the insights you have gained during this time in our lives. We encourage you to share your story and feel connected! 

Before we dig into this week’s podcast, we wanted to take a moment to express a statement of solidarity and call to action regarding the murders of George Floyd, Brionna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and the countless other lives that have been taken too soon as a result of White Supremacy. 

We at Project Eñye are committed to standing against racism in all of its forms. We are anti-racist. We believe we have a responsibility as humans to speak out against injustice. We must use our voices to stand with our AfroLatino and Black brothers and sisters because Black Lives Matter! 

We encourage you to participate in this movement by reading your own statement of solidarity (we used the one created by WOC Podcasters), learn more and educate yourself about the Black Lives Matter movement, sign petitions, and donate to the many funds out there supporting BLM movements.

Below are a few of the funds you can donate to: 

Georgie Floyd Memorial Fund 

Minnesota Freedom fund 

Vision Freedom Fund 

Black Visions Collective 

Campaign Zero 

Black Lives Matter 

The Minneapolis NAACP

Sign petitions! 

Text Floyd to 55156. 

This week, we had the pleasure of bringing back the amazing Rita Bautista onto the show. You may have heard her on our “American Dirt” episode.  

Rita is the Founder of the Latina Podcasters Network and also hosts her own women’s empowerment podcast called, “Empowerment and All That.” This episode is inspired by a message she left us that made us all think about what we’ve learned throughout this quarantine experience. 

She said, “I’m alone, but I’m not lonely.” 

Through our conversation with Rita, we discuss how her quarantine journey has led her to feel more comfortable in her own skin and what steps she took to get there. As social beings, this experience has forced us to redefine our relationships with others. We have had to find ways to feel connected while also creating and contributing to a new future. It’s hard to believe that there is something positive ahead. It’s easy to get caught up in the turmoil of the moment. 

However, as Rita says, “You can’t live in that space forever. As a community, we can come out of these times more united than ever!”

Her words ring even more true now as the country has come face to face with the aftermath of the murders of George Floyd, Brionna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and countless others to White Supremacy.

“We are all running our own race. Sometimes we think we are prepared, but there’s someone out there who will run it with you.” This statement from Rita encourages us to remember that we are not alone! Although sometimes we may feel as though we are living in a “survival-mode,” we can make a conscious decision to thrive instead! 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Rita talks about how she needed this space to reclaim her energy and reground herself. She tells us about what this time has taught her. 
  • She shares a beautiful story of how she finished running a half marathon with the help of another woman and how her lesson translates into triumphing over hardships with a helping hand from others in our community.  
  • We discuss the implications of living in “survival-mode,” and why you inherit that survival and struggle mentality. We examine the “survival-mode” mentality and discuss ways to overcome the belief systems that bring us down. 
  • We explore the idea of the pandemic as “The Awakening” and what that means on an individual level. 
  • We conclude by discussing what Rita is doing to create her new path going forward and how changing your own habits can lead to growth and greatness. 

Thought Questions/Reflections:

What are the most important lessons you have learned during this pandemic? Do you view this experience as a sort of global healing? An awakening? What are you going to do to create your own track?

Even though we feel isolated, we have a real chance to be more connected than we’ve ever been. Stay connected to your loved ones and here at The Self-ish Latina Podcast! Make sure to check out our Facebook group to hear next week’s prompt! 

We will get through this together! 

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