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Agree or Disagree? Are You Willing To Feel Worthy?

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When you’re not feeling particularly worthy because you feel:

  • out of your depth
  • under qualified
  • undeserving

…ask yourself this question:

“Am I willing to feel worthy?”

There is one belief system that I’ve discovered that gets in the way of experiencing worthiness and that is that one’s worthiness is somehow earned.

Worthiness just is. You are worthy of all you desire because you exist.

Worthiness is not earned or earnable. It just is.

You are worthy because you are.

We get into trouble when we tie our worthiness with doing good deeds or being a “good person.” Worthiness is not tied to good deeds or bad deeds for that matter. Everyone is worthy no matter what mistakes we make or how good a person we have or haven’t been.

Allowing yourself to experience worthiness is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself. If you have a hard time with this then you will likely have a block in receiving and what you can do is start looking at what it is that you think you need to do to earn worthiness.

Simply put, everything you desire you are worthy of having or experiencing. In fact, your desires point you in the direction of your most fulfilled life. Worthiness comes up as an obstacle so that you can grow, not so that you can stop.

Agree or disagree?

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