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If We Want To See More of Us “At the table” Here’s What We’re Going To Have To Do As A Community

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How can we provide spaces for others to feel like they belong?

Today marks day #22 of Hispanic Heritage Month!

And this is always such a special time for me because I’m able to interact and have such powerful conversations about the themes of our film being eñye with a much larger audience.

I know there are a lot of folks ready to celebrate and show their Latino pride and we have a lot to celebrate and be proud of…. but right now I’d like you to imagine how we can bring more compassion, understanding, and grace for each other.

Along with the 30 days of celebration, can we find more ways to edify one another instead of judging each other?

Think about the feelings of belonging we can create within our own communities.

I think it’s fair to say that we as a community want to see more people who look like us and speak like us being represented in all different walks of life and this starts with us.

Many Latinos/as/xs share with me how they want to step out and try to have more of an impact in their communities but they hesitate because they’re afraid of the backlash from the Latino community.

They’re afraid of hearing:

➡︎ You’re not Latino enough.

➡︎ You don’t know your history.

➡︎ Or some other enoughness-related comment.

Sometimes we are blind to how we affect one another. If we want to see more of us “At the table” we have to ask ourselves how we are providing a space for our own community to feel like they belong? 

What are your thoughts?

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