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How Feeling Emotionally Naked Leads to Belonging

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When was the last time you felt emotionally naked? 

Making my last film being eñye was at times, emotionally terrifying. I felt like I was shining a spotlight on all the scars that made me feel like I didn’t belong anywhere.

After making the movie I was scared of 3 things…

1️⃣ That people wouldn’t understand why I shared the stories about the deaths of my Dad and brother. I was afraid the audience would see it as gratuitous instead of absorbing how losing the two people in my life who made me feel grounded made it harder for me to figure out who I was and where I belonged – and if you are wondering how this affects someone at work.. consider that we are the common denominator in all of our lived experiences.

2️⃣ I was afraid of what my family would think. Was I sharing too much and spent a lot of time worried about “Lo que diran” ahem – if you know, you know. In a professional environment, this looks like choosing to “play it safe” vs taking risks because you’re worried about what your co-workers will say or think. The parallels are real.

3️⃣ That people would see the ways that I bumble through life (insecurities and all), judge me, and discount me.

But something weird happened…

Those moments that I felt were the most “risky” were the ones that seemed to open the space for understanding, and compassion and empathy.

So many of the problems we face today are what I call “belonging problems” because at the core of experiencing belonging is this idea that it’s possible to “re-humanize” yourself in relationship with others and if you’re lucky, inspire them to do the same.

It’s easy to believe you’ll be safer if you keep your armor on…BUT true belonging starts with knowing that strength comes from owning your humanity.

Ya feel me?

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