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The Absence of Fear Does Not Mean You Have a Great Idea

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A long time ago I made a decision that fear would not hold me back.

I’m a filmmaker, a storyteller, a podcaster, a speaker, soon to be published author, and a coach.

I’m also someone that experiences fear and it never goes away – darn it!

Asking for help has always been hard. Call it culture, call it being a woman, call it pride.

It’s hard.

A long time ago I decided that it wasn’t gonna hold me back.

Sometimes that’s the best we can ever do in the face of having a big dream and not knowing how the heck to make it come true.

Saying “I will not die on this hill. Not today!” Is something I tell myself when things get really rough – in my head!! Lol

The absence of fear does not mean you have a great idea. In fact, some of my best professional moments have felt the riskiest to me.

Risky to my identity and who I know myself to be.

Let’s get a list going here.

What do you tell yourself to remind yourself that you are a complete badass??

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