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#007 : What Happened When Three Women With Big Dreams Decided To Jump

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Is there a good time to jump?

Three women and members of the Eñye Dream Accelerator, Rosalia, Irisneri, and Gina, talk about their journey reaching for just that. For those of you who haven’t heard of the Eñye Dream Accelerator, it is a program I designed to bring ambitious Latinas together to coach them to make significant progress with their dream, utilizing the collective power of the group to both support you and keep you accountable.

On this call, you will meet these three incredible ladies. Rosalia is a consent educator, host of the About Consent Podcast, creator of Consent Wear, and an abuse survivor turned thriver. Irisneri is a genealogist who’s committed to supporting others to discover their stories through learning their ancestry. Gina has spent a long and successful career in the advertising and marketing industry, but has always dreamed of being a writer. She joined EDA to support her in finally writing her book and she joins the podcast having just finished the first chapter. 

It has been truly incredible going on this journey with these strong women and seeing how far they have come in such a short amount of time. Each of them were not only able to realize what they truly wanted out of their lives but they used EDA to take action putting them all solidly on track to realizing their vision.

In this episode, we talk about:

Why and how each of these ladies decided to make a change and jump into their passions and dreams. 

We talk about the importance of doing what one loves, as long as it makes you happy. There is no wrong time to jump. It is never too late to live out your dreams – but why wait?

We discuss how these ladies discovered their truths, the process of their identity shifts and how Rosalia, Irisneri, and Gina got to be where they are today. 

How being selfish is not a betrayal, but rather a path to self fulfillment. Being self fulfilled can do nothing but make you a stronger and in turn a better person for others. 

It’s okay to realize that, although you may be skilled in something, it might not be your passion. How you can take action to make a change. 

Importance of taking time for self reflection and self conversation. Check in and ask yourself, “What do you want out of this life? What is it that your heart says?”

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