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#014: Behind The Scenes: How I crafted a message of belonging during a global pandemic

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“When the student is ready the master appears” Buddist Proverb

Welcome back to The Self-ish Latina Podcast! In this episode, I break down my experiences as a keynote speaker. I talk about the highs of speaking in front of an audience, difficulties I have faced when confronted with an unfamiliar crowd, what I have learned through the process, and how I can improve. 

I began speaking at local Denver middle schools about my career as a graphic designer and the beginnings of our first film, being eñye. I realized pretty quickly that sharing sometimes uncomfortable personal experiences was the way I would make the biggest difference. Looking back, the seeds of of Project Eñye were planted long ago and these early talks were messages of belonging in disguise and were very much my “baptism” into public speaking. 

Not all of my keynotes end up how I anticipate. After one speaking event in particular, I felt like I completely “bombed” it. I questioned why it didn’t go as planned and ultimately knew I could do better. I wanted to do better, but I didn’t know how. So I reached out for help.   

Not shared in this podcast is how I met my coaches but suffice it to say the saying “When the student is ready the master appears” could not be more relevant here. 

It has been an amazing experience working with my coaches Kris Young and Joe Calloway. They’re feedback has been invaluable in the process of creating what is my most exciting message yet. 

Navigating keynotes during the time of COVID hasn’t been easy, but it has allowed our team to think out of the box, explore new platforms, and collaborate together so we can continue to connect with all of you! 

I invite you to join us on our exploration of creative ways to connect and tune in for a Belonging Event on December 10th. Click here to buy your tickets. We hope to see you there! 

Thought Question/ Reflections:

Has there ever been a time when you have wanted to improve or get better at something, but felt stuck? Did you reach out for help? If you did, how did it feel asking for help? Did you improve? If not, was there a reason why you didn’t? 

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