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By now, it’s no secret that the Latino market is worth $1 trillion and corporations need to make significant changes in their marketing messages and business practices to stay relevant in today’s marketplace.

One of the keys to unlocking the market is to attract and retain Latino employees. However, according to a recent study conducted by the Center for Talent Innovation, Latinos feel alienated and disengaged in the workplace because there are few resources dedicated to helping bridge the cultural gap between employees and employers.

“Latinos will account for 80% of the US Workforce growth through 2022.”

Creating a culturally sensitive workplace by eliminating unconscious bias and allowing Latinos to authentically express themselves is essential to the recruitment and retention of Latinos. Project Eñye offers a variety of workshops and seminars that will tackle potentially difficult workplace conversations about culture and identity, and help reconcile our own biases. We focus on providing your Latino employees with tools to help them bring their “whole self” to work without repressing the aspects of their culture that make their insight valuable to your company.

“Companies with diverse leadership are more likely to improve market share and capture new markets.”


Corporations, small companies, and employee groups can use being eñye as a way to reexamine your corporate culture, open and advance the dialog of inclusion, and put your commitment to diversity into action. See below for options.



Thank you for your interest in screening our film. Select the option below that works best for you and we will be in touch with you shortly with more information. Send an email to


Screen the film for your Employee Resource Groups (ERG), HR Departments, or teams to spark important conversations about diversity and inclusion. Screening licenses begin at $500. Single view and corporate bundle film licenses available.



FILM + KEYNOTE (60 or 90-minute option)

Includes a LIVE screening of the film, being eñye (37 min), followed by a 30-minute keynote by Co-Director, Co-Producer and star of the film, Denise Soler Cox. A post-screening Q&A facilitated by Denise, up to 60-minute informal one-on-one with attendees for pictures, conversations, pre- or post-event, and up to two press appearances on the same day.




Become a leader in your community and a model for inclusive practices by underwriting screenings of being eñye for schools or non-profits. Screenings ‘presented by’ your organization are a great way to enhance your community relations efforts. Give back to your community by providing meaningful cultural discussions and move the conversation about diversity and inclusivity forward. Check out more info on our 2018 Educational Impact Tour. For more information about how your organization can receive a complimentary live screening with Denise Soler Cox screening by supporting our educational impact tour please email to set up an information call today


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