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Brenda’s Collective Love Letter


Let me tell you all the things your mother couldn’t. Mija, did you know that you are loved? That you matter? Have I asked you for forgiveness? I’m sorry for not being the mother that you needed me to be. But this does not mean that I love you any less. Your light is so bright. Forgive me for every time I diminished it. I just don’t know any other way. Please know that this is not you that I diminished, but myself. Have I told you that I want you to shine? Even if it hurts, Mija sometimes I get confused because I’m supposed to teach you but you have been my greatest teacher. And sometimes this is hard. This is very hard. No one taught me but I tried and sometimes my try wasn’t good enough. Can you forgive me. You how you’re the most important thing to me. My most prized possession, the most precious gift. It’s not that I don’t love you, it’s that I don’t know how and sometimes I have to love you in a way that you wouldn’t recognize. Please know that good or bad, imperfect as I am, I do love you. Know that you are enough as you are.

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