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Denise Soler Cox is an award-winning indie filmmaker, author, and entrepreneur. She is a sought-after speaker in academic, business and community circles inspiring everyday people to better tomorrow’s world by becoming better versions of themselves today.

Her high-energy appeal, relatable personality and trademark laugh transcends age, culture, and socio-economic classifications and instantly fosters a bond with attendees. Drawing upon her own experiences growing up bi-cultural in America, Denise skillfully weaves life lessons into her presentations, creating a safe and open environment to have real, authentic conversations about topics like identity, culture, bullying, self-advocacy, healing, and leadership. Her presentations are punctuated by words of purpose, inspiration and vulnerability that resonate and motivate people to think, act and authentically live.

Denise is available for keynotes, panels, and brand ambassadorships.




Denise is a courageous and bold Latina who is amazingly likable and relatable. She is a new, refreshing and confident voice for American Latinos. As well, she has emerged a thought leader and influencer on the international stage. Denise is a rare jewel. In my years in nonprofit leadership, Denise stands out as a true leader among leaders. Her energy and enthusiasm; her progressive thinking and her positive persona—on top of her knowledge and skills—make her very distinct indeed.

Mark Madrid | CEO/Executive Director of the Latino Business Action Network (LBAN) | Stanford University
I’ve had the distinct pleasure of hosting Denise at our home and introducing her to the Hispanic community at Harvard. Her film and the conversation she led afterward were ground-breaking. I’ve continued to hear reference to that evening long since.
Denise possesses a rare combination of traits that are critical for effective leadership. She quickly makes powerful and lasting connections with others. Her signature laugh is winning, contagious and unmistakable. Her demeanor immediately puts people at ease, through the remarkable grace she shows even as she leads difficult conversations about identity and belonging.
Ambassador Swanee Hunt | Harvard University Kennedy School of Public Policy

Her honesty, her candor, and her immensely powerful message continue to bring profound cultural insights and healing to an entire generation of Latino-Americans, their parents, their community, and their employers. Denise’s story and documentary validate the experience of the children of Latino immigrants, who have, for so long, felt isolated and alone in understanding the tension between their US and Latino cultures they have lived in since a very early age. She brings a rare combination of traits as a communicator, as a producer and as a speaker, as she is able to be truthful with exceptional compassion and honesty.

Noni Allwood | Co-Author of Latinos at Work: Unleashing the Power of Culture

Denise shows us how to TRANSFORM our shared STRUGGLE with cultural identity, into a great source of personal STRENGTH.

Vasco Bilbao-Bastida | VAYNERMEDIA New York, New York

Denise’s keynote deeply moved the WILD (Women in Leadership Development) Conference attendees.  Her exuberant energy, ability to personally connect with the audience, and willingness to be vulnerable was exactly what we were hoping to provide to the over 500 career women and students who joined us.  Thank you Denise!

Amy Humble | WILD Committee | WILD Programming Co-Chair
Thank you for taking a risk and inspiring me to take one too. I was MOVED and AMAZED by your talk! You inspired me to dream big and just go for it!!
Chava Fox | Program Support Associate | Walton Family Foundation

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