Project ñ & Sofrito For Your Soul Rally Around the Letter ñ to Properly Communicate, Identify & Embrace @Español on Twitter


I am reaching out to ask for your support on an important and exciting social media push that Project ñ AND Sofrito For Your Soul are launching. We want to see Twitter fully integrate the letter ñ across their platform for all users in the U.S. and we need your help!

Twitter allows the letter ñ to be used in search terms, hashtags and page descriptions. We are now asking Twitter to allow users in the U.S. to use the letter ñ in their Twitter identity/handle.  Your support will help get their attention and persuade them to fully integrate the letter ñ everywhere on Twitter.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Please send us 2-3 sentences commenting on why you think including the ñ would be important in the Twittersphere. Please note, that by emailing us your quotes, you are allowing us to publicly use your quote in our marketing and PR efforts >>
  1. The blog posted on for Project (ñ) stating the importance of the letter ñ. Our goal is to share this blog post EVERYWHERE. SO, if you could please “Like”, “Retweet”, or “Share”, we’d appreciate it!


Thank you in for your time and consideration. Please email us with any questions!

¡Hasta entonces!

Project ñ + Sofrito For Your Soul