Hello! This is Podcast Episode # 009! Where we share a behind the scenes look at the making of Project ñ

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In this weeks podcast we discuss the transition that ñs and their families go through when they leave for college.

We first discussed Irene, who struggled a great deal with her parents as they labeled her choices to move away from home to attend graduate school as “white” and a “betrayal” to her family.

Next we discuss Bianca, about 20 years younger than Irene. Bianca is the first to graduate from her family and now she envisions leaving Denver for graduate school and fulfilling her dreams. At the same time, she feels a strong sense of attachment to her family. She discuses how as an Enye, she feels the two cultures pulling her both ways. Going away means finding a way to find who you are outside of her Mexican side of her identity.

Next Abry Deshong, Project ñ Production Coordinator shares her experience as a 4th generation American. She chose to leave her home town in Minnesota and attend graduate school in the Netherlands. Her grandmother, a first generation Russian Jew was the family member fearful of the distance and Abry remembers feeling a cultural pull specifically coming from her grandmother.

Items Mentioned in This Session:

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