EP 005_ItTakesCourage

Welcome to Episode # 005!

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I. Introduction


We’re On the Cover of Westword. A huge thanks to the writer, Kyle Harris for doing a great job. Check out the article by clicking the link in our action steps!

Speaking Engagements:

North High School has invited us to join their community for the day to count ñs! What a great idea!

We are also scheduled to speak at Inner City Parish in Denver in the coming weeks.

If you are connected with a school and want to setup a speaking engagement with us email us at info@projectenye.com.

Project ñ Socials:

Our First ñ Social at the Sie Film Center was so much fun. We decided to push all of the lounge tables together making for a more community feeling. With the liveliness of a community table, we got the idea of having ñ dinner socials at different restaurants. This is being planned now for Denver but will very soon be expanded to different areas of the country soon! We are also planning to have a cooking social so stay tuned for how to attend this event! If you are interested in hosting an event in your city, please email us at info@projectenye.com

II. Courage

Shout Outs:

Joe – Our podcast transcriber, we found out is a Project ñ fan and we are so grateful! He also happens to be a chef, so if you are in Miami,visit his restaurant, Mash Potato!

Violetta – Thank you for the lovely email, she gave us a great hashtag – #1in16million and is the first ñ to make herself count on our map!

Bianca Dominguez (featured in our fourth episode) – We want to give a shout out to her for having the courage to show up at our ñ Social and be there while the whole party watched her vignette. It took a lot of courage for you to share your story AND to show up and face the people who have just heard your story! Bianca’s video was well received at the the event and online. We have almost 1,000 views in less than a week! This many views nearly doubled our last week’s vignette views. Also, stay tuned, an upcoming vignette will be even bigger because we have a celebrity.

III: Looking ahead


Project ñ will be in San Diego attending the Traffic and Conversion Summit from February 16-20th. Heads up, we will be recording a podcast there.

Next, we will be in Miami attending Hispanicize 2015 – an event focused on Latino trendsetters and newsmakers in journalism, blogging, marketing, entertainment and tech entrepreneurship from March 16th-20th. We will be shooting interviews, blogging/vlogging. If you are a listener and a fan and would like to meet us we will be at staying at the Intercontinental hotel, so send us an email at info@projectenye.com.

Items Mentioned in This Session:

Do you know an ñ with an amazing story? Tweet at us! Use #soyñ AND #beingñ so we can connect with you! Or join our private Facebook group and connect with other ñs or share your story!

Thanks for listening!

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